Lightness of Being


Smooth, light, billowy denims for oversized fluid shapes

Jeanswear for women combine baggy jeans with oversized tops in lightweight products of cotton blends, tencels and linens. Smooth constructions of fine weave, plain weave and lively 3xl twills in loose constructions which promote fluidity and drape for bigger seasonal shapes of voluminous tops and new style fluid bottoms new summer fashion denims.

Taking Care


Sustainability is our watchword, reducing the polluting footprint is our goal. LNJ IS' taking care of people and the environment

Having developed our own in-house capability of producing PCW recycled denim fabric in both rigid and stretch we have invested in garneting equipment which convert used garments and fabric waste to this end. Many of our products are developed using "Advanced Denim" processes which consume less water, less chemicals, and less energy in the manufacturing and washing. In addition we are promoting our "Forever Raw" denims which use no water at all in the laundry thereby reducing the use of chemicals and energy as well. For non cotton fibres we use certified PET recycled polyesters, Eco made Coolmax and Thermolite. As well as using our own recycled cotton; organic cotton we use 100% BCI cotton.

Boss of the Road


Seasonal original vintage with high profile twills and authentic crackle finish complete with red selvedge weft edges.

Our seasonal original vintage denims demonstrate the old oexoe crackle finish in dark shades and worn out finishes. The warp slubs blend seamlessly with the bold twill to create original "organic" textured denims. Finishes here are normal, preshrunk and shrink to fit all of which emulates the denims of old. A new wave of high profile twills which grab a finish showing off the high low contrast in finishing speak loudly of old timer indigos. In addition, 2x1 is making a comeback in textured oe looks and no slubs washing to a perfect vintage. Our vintage denims also boast the orinigal selvedge for added authenticity.

All About Touch


Soft, tactile and sensuous touch combine with high stretch for complete shape holding comfort.

Soft tactile and sensuous touch combines with high stretch for complete comfort and shape holding stretch.Mixed fibres combine to create the softest denims around. Clean surfaces with either natural or no slub ring yarn sateens or discreet fine slubs that are barely there - just enough for a discrete vintage look with a soft hand. Soft spun slubs in more open weaves create an authentic look for vintage boyfriend shapes. This soft touch plus rugged appearance = the attraction of opposites.

All Day Active

Denims that are for comfort as well as real performance, having built in functions of thermal, cooling, anti bacterial, moisture management for sport jeanswear.

From the school gates to the yoga class and back again. Denims that function for fashion and well-being with super comfort supported by fibre and finish technology so that they can be worn from dawn to dusk with confidence. Not only do these denims function for comfort, sport and soft flexibility they also function for anti odour, moisture management and thermal regulation. We have a selection of sporty loop back denims as well as high stretch for sport active jeanswear.

Raw Tailoring

Unwashed and raw with no wash finish — forever raw technology which means no shrink, no fade, no water.

Unwashed denims which benefit from the "forever raw" technology prevent post make shrinkage for clean sharp tailored denims. The sharp tailoring trend in denim is driven by the need to save water in both the laundry and at home. Wear your jeans in personally; no need to wash, just deep freeze to remove the odour from bacteria. Wear these tailored denims with no shrink, no fade confidence in rigid or stretch. Xtreme dark shades which do not fade are woven in clean crisp constructions with red selvedge. All these techniques combine to achieve the original RAW look.

Working the Land

Stripes checks and dobbies introduce a new wave of farm worker style workwear for fashion wear.

Indigos in stripes, checks, dobbies and artisinal miner's duck weaves introduce a new wave of differentiated denims driven by historical workwear. Worker styles are miners jackets, coveralls, bib 'n' brace pants, work shirts and classix old trucker jackets. Weights are on the lighter side both in rigid and essential stretch versions.

Old School Japan

Super rich indigos reminiscent of the original japanese indigos make a significant difference to vintage loose woven denims.

Super rich indigos reminiscent of the original indigofera plant dyes make a comeback in vintage red selvedge weaves. Here its all about the different cast and level of the blues which start from the richest shade capable, of washing down to real pretty blues. Looser weaves plus coarser warp and/or weft yarns fully capture the rich dyes resulting in saturated richness of shade. Soft faced bold twills release the dark indigo quickly on washing creating a three dimensional "old" friend look. Loose slubs reveal a natural hand made appearance with more aggressive characteristics whcih work in harmony with the seasnons easier cut plants and jackets.