It has been here and it shall be, for all the eons that exist freely. This is the first and this is the prime, the universe that blends with the divine

Sliced Bread

Versatile constructions from our house that have stayed on top of the charts for ages. Say hello to our bestsellers!

Salt & Pepper

Non-mercerized denim that has that intage look and hand-feel to it, almost mimicking a time gone by.

Broken Twills

Gone is the reign of conventional twill designs. It is time to break the patterns and colour beyond the old lines!

Indigo Casts

From shades hailing from 1900s to fusions of the modern day, we’ve got your brand covered.

Selvedge Denim

Adding an extra edge to any garment is easy when you’ve got the art of Selvedge on your side! Enriched with the knowledge of old loom techniques, we create authentic selvedge denim fabric constructed in a spectrum of colours and blends that envy the night sky.