There is no rebound without a renewed understanding of preservation. The first step towards a sustainable future is to preserve the planet as it was given to us. It starts with adopting elements that cause no harm and it evolves us into a species that doesn’t just recycle, but upcycles everything.


The BREVIOL® DENIM TECHNOLOGY (BDT) is used in the Indigo and Sulfur dyeing processes, reducing the amount of water which is used after the dyeing process to remove the unfixed dyes which would normally go to the waste water treatment facilities

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is a frugal and fantastic product that helps us minimize waste while our technology makes sure the quality and comfort is at par. With choicest products like FibreGreen®, Repreve® and Green Gold, we recycle PET bottles into polyester that boasts of qualities mimicking its virgin cousin

Natural Indigo

Natural Indigo has stood the test of time and been one of the key elements in human history. That’s because it doesn’t just add a dash of colour to the denim, it makes it soft while easing manufacturing too! Lesser acidification and a lesser energy demand make it a win-win


Refibra™, with a focus on sustainability, is produced in the same process as TENCEL™, making it smooth and absorbent. Lenzing™ EcoVero™ and Aditya Birla Group’s Livaeco™ branded viscose fibers are made from natural and renewable raw material of wood fibres from wood sourced from FSC® certified forests


Sorona® is the best when it comes to being sustainable yet comfortable with just the right hint of elasticity. It boasts of a handsome resistance to chemicals and is famous for being excellent at fitting different body shapes when processed into a fine denim product


Hemp is the versatility king! While being a sustainable and renewable crop, it remains a strong contender in retaining color better than any other fabric. It also protects your skin by naturally filtering UV light, resists bacterial growth and breathes like a charm, keeping those odours away


Using modern laser friendly techniques, these fabrics bring the usage of water to a negligible amount in garment processing. Incorporating unique elements to the denim, LSF products aren't just suitable for laser processes to achieve different washes with minimal use of water


Post-consumer waste always needed a Midas touch. We make sure we give it that treatment. While consumers rejoice in carbon footprint reductions, we make sure their used products are put towards a quality-enriching process rendering them aspirational once again