Minute as the molecules you’re made of and delicate as the atoms within, is this universe of enchantment that you’re about to enter in

Power stretch with excellent recovery

No amount of ecstasy can match the pleasure of having that favorite pair of denims hug your body like a second skin. Making sure these special feats of consumer experience are made possible, we strive to produce denim that performs optimally.


Modern city life demands a little stretch and adds dollops of sweat throughout the day. These thoughtful blends of the right fibres make sure that consumers stay thermally regulated and cool all day long.

360° Stretch

Made for the unstoppable, the 360° stretch brings an all round elasticity to denim. Devised to sustain extreme pull forces from all sides, this is the future of denimwear.

Dynamic Coatings

Polyurethane and Indigo coatings have the ability to add a much needed dash of luster or that missing texture to make the final product exceptional. These dynamic coatings are the icing to that final cake.

Stay black, stay blue

Forget the bleeding blues, here to stay are these formal hues. With the right application of textile technology and ingenious fibre choices, we make sure that blacks stay black and the blues stay blue.

Functional Finishes

Final touches make all the difference in making your denim product conclusive. In this case, it could be one of Resin, Peach, Water or Stain repellant or the good old anti-microbial finish.