Constructed with care using different shapes and forms, behold a structural universe that breaks all norms, just for you, your garbs and uniforms

That knit look

Bringing the best of both worlds together is a unique knit look we have devised for our denim products. They give one the flexibility and ease of adaptability just like a knit fabric in a sturdy and well structured denim package.

Weight no bar

Whether one needs a light weight soft finish or a quite heavy weight that offers strength, we’ve got it easily covered thanks to our versatile multiple weight management capabilities.


Constructed with a special dobby loaom, these denims bask in the glory of signature textures and patterns that aren’t easy to replicate, and offer a ton of style!

Denim joggers

Meet the modern rendition of comfort blending in with style with denim joggers. These products offer consumers an easy going and fashionable alternative to track pants and daily sweat wear.

Indigo casts for different colour and finishes

Versatile casts that embed the product with different shades of Indigo suitable for all ages and walks of life. When it comes to indigo, we have a knack for more than 50 shades of making you go ‘yay’!

Weft engineering

Beauty lies on the inside. With the sharpest minds making sure that our denim looks stunning not just on the surface but also beneath it, we’re one of the few who develop a slew of wholesomeness.