Fresh as the palms near the sea and giving as the great banyan tree, is this universe of responsible action and heroism you embark into

Recycling post consumer waste

Every month, we recycle 30 tonnes of used garments that would have otherwise ended up in landfills or the ocean. Recycling of waste fabrics cuts down a significant portion of carbon emissions that would have otherwise lead to detrimental environmental effects.

Laser friendly

Modern laser technology makes water usage negligible, but it requires a suitable mix of the right shades. With unique combinations, our products aren’t just suitable for laser processes but extremely receptive to it too.

Less water dyeing

With the help of efficient processes, proper water management and effluent treatment facilities at our plant, we save an approximate of 1350 kilolitres of water every single day.

Organic cotton

No pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers of any kind go into the production of the organic cotton we use.

Bio indigo®

An alternate dye that has 16% lesser acidification potential with an 8% lower energy demand during production.

Pet bottle recycling - fibregreen®

We collect 2.7 billion tonnes of PET bottles & recycle them into 40,000 tonnes of FibreGreen®, a new recycled polyster fibre that mimics qualities of virgin polyster.

Sustainable fibres & blends - refibra™, ecovero™, livaeco™& sorona®

If you’ve heard of a sustainable fibre, there are high chances that we’ve used it. From eucalyptus tree extracts to sustainable modal to hemp and many more, we work with partners across the globe to ensure the production of a sustainable line of responsible denim. It is important to unite the forces of good in the fight to save the planet.