Light as the air we breathe and soft as the feelings that run too deep, is this new universe of innocence and a dream-like weightlessness


Powerful linen blends can stand the sun better than most other blends while also being crispier than other fibre combinations. A touch of these to a denim line of offerings can spell a much needed class.


Not many blends are as versatile as those that carry a Tencel fibre. Engineered out of eucalyptus wood, these blends are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

Soft Coating

If denim is a canvas, then polyurethane coating is the splash of paint that adds a final touch to the piece of art. Making denims shine like a diamond or glisten like luxurious pearls is in the hand of our choicest coating techniqus.

Indigo front indigo back no white denims

Isn’t it delightful to reverse that stylish dark denim shirt only to reveal that it’s still your true dark tone on the inside too? We make that happen for countless brands across the world. Faded reversals are out, true indigo is in!


A close cousin to traditional denim, our chambray offerings make sure your denim collection has just the right hint of cosmic balance between the heavyweights & some lightweight magic.

Authentic Slubs

It takes the right notes to play the classics. Our line of authentic slubs dare to take a fresh take on production philosophies of the yesteryears, spinning new styles into modernity every season.